The poor story

Today, I am telling you all a story.

Once upon a time, there was a poor person.

He was so poor that he lived in a mansion smaller than many.

He was so poor that he had a car cheaper than many.

He was so poor that he ate food at home.

He was so poor that he slept on an uncomfortable bed.

He was so poor that he thought he had less than his friends.

He was so poor that he always wanted more.

He was so poor that he was buried in earth.

He was so poor that he never noticed the riches he had, of a home, of a car, of food, of sleep, of friends.

He was so poor , because he was not content.

We all are poor, because we follow the same story.

When I am on the earth, under the sky, with friends and a filled stomach, no one is richer than me.

-Prafulla Kumar Roy

Sorry to keep it short, but I am so poor that I have very few words to share.

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People say I am forgetful. However the truth is, my mind and my body has trust issues.
– Prafulla Kumar Roy

Do you trust anyone? For me, I don’t.

Do you know, trust is like spider’s threads, too strong for its thickness, but still so sensitive that could break in touch.

Trust is a highly misused word. People shift trust as frequently as clothes. Okay, some don’t but most do. Trust me, according to a survey, nearly 83% people admitted to have broken someone’s trust once, and 71% accepted they don’t truly mean their promises.

We usually believe we trust our friends, or at least best friend. But imagine you shared a secret with your trustworthy. The next day you find him talking to someone in whispers and you catch your name. Can you still move on without an urge to eavesdrop?

If you answer yes, don’t lie. I know you get curious. But what about trust.

It’s ironic that trust is a highly deceptive word.

Sometimes we force ourselves to believe our love, respect, friendship or relations to be trustworthy. But how long do you believe this man made trust will last, or how true would it be?

We put our faith in any next person, or source if it agrees with us, easy to accept or puts a fact.

Be true, did you believe in the highlighted bold facts I mentioned earlier in blog. Well those facts were imaginary. But you believed them didn’t you.

It’s a famous saying that gaining someone’s trust is too difficult, but losing it is too easy. However I find it easy, both gain and loss.

I still stand with my statement, trust is spider’s web, make it everyday, it will snap everyday but it’s most likely, you will gain a thing or two with every experience.

P. S. : I hope you don’t trust my first sentence.

P. S. S. : Deceit is Tromperie in French.

P. S. S. S. : Quote in the beginning is mine.

Our trust status

There was life

The past beats inside me like a second heart.

-John Banville

Today, I am not with a blog but a poem. I don’t consider it my best poem, but it’s a favorite.

The reason I like it is that I can’t find a reason to contradict it. If you like it, appreciate, if you don’t, please express your views.

Your reviews will help me improve.

Dry leaf, may be recalling it’s green

Here goes the poem

There Was Life

Collect fallen leaves of past, 

You’ll find story of a green, 

Read the face full of wrinkles, 

You’ll find a life been. 

The dew on grass sings, 

The cry night brings, 

The field of hay, dried, 

Was someday green, gay, bright. 

Per plucked petal of lily, 

Recalls the summer last, 

For every barren piece of land, 

Is a green field of past.

By Prafulla Kumar Roy


I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.

-S.E. Hinton

Do you know what is common between you and me? We both lie, as thorough as truth.

If you ask me, we all entertain lies, some more, some less. The biggest lie a person could say is that, he never lies.

Till now, everything I wrote in this blog was fact. We all have an acceptance inherited from our forefathers that lying is bad. And fun now is that how do we believe they aren’t lying. If lying is bad, there is not a single good person in the world I live in (don’t include infants, it ain’t a debate).

Okay I accept any lie that helps someone in need isn’t a lie. But I wonder which lie exists in the world that has helped none.

If we consider lying is good (which it’s not, or so my parents say, and also I will say to my children), why aren’t we free to say so.

It’s funny to see that lie is so much similar to intercourse (sorry I can’t write the common word, but that might offend some readers). It’s natural, we all do or will do it someday, it’s necessary, yet we’ll never accept it, neither advice it,

Most common lie, I find in my life is ” I’m fine. “

Hey human, do you know, you can’t be fine until you are dead.

Lies are human instincts. If you don’t lie, what are you waiting for, search for a doctor, ask him to treat you. If he says you are fine, see he as well is lying.

I know it sounds strange, but biggest truth is that truth is fragile, and to strengthen truth, lies are necessary.

And also, no truth exists, if there are no lies.

Now I leave you to wonder what’s truth in my writing and what’s lie,

And wonder that does it matter.

And lying is usotsuki in Japanese.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I, Roy welcome you all to This boy’s blog. I know no life, as you see, but I find it hard to accept that others do. Isn’t it odd that it always seems we know at least something of what’s going on around us, but it’s just that we are consoling ourselves for not knowing anything.

It’s a bad way to greet, but sometimes things are bad. I am a student, I am a teenager and I am a regular scorer. I have a happy family. And that’s all of me.

Every life has some thing to tell, all it needs is someone to listen. But don’t feel obliged to read it (as I know, you never feel) and criticize me for it’s all that means to me. Praises, if true can insert pride, and if false then, it either cheats or prevents person from getting better. Hate motivates best.

I won’t begin about something new today. I hope someone reads me and no need to agree but accept it to be truth for someone.

And also annyeong is goodbye in Korean.